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About Us

Our mission is to be the main source of information for medical and recreation CBD, THC, hemp, and Delta 8. We are campaigning for legalization. We use the sales of our product to support Kentucky's push for legalization. If Kentucky allows the use of cannabis, the money can be used to fight the deadly opiate crisis we are experiencing throughout Kentucky. Sales could support better schools, jails, and even rehab centers. 

It is time for a change in Kentucky. Help us make it happen.

Born Timothy Ethan Whitman in Bowling Green Ky.  A

 big supporter of Kentucky, and proud to say he is from Kentucky. As a huge cannabis activist, he believe Kentucky should be legal and Kentuckians have the right to choose cannabis as medicine. He is also big believer in the hemp industry, and he believes in the power of what hemp can do. he has a outstanding love for music and making music check out the links below to hear his music and don't forget to subscribed to his you tube channel to see his experience as he battled addiction to opiates. But as person who fully believes in the power of cannabis for healing, so help us help Kentucky to make a difference. 

Image by GRAS GRÜN
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