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Fentanyl becoming a problem. What does that mean for recreational users???

The united states is experiencing a crisis as fentanyl is making way thru the states.

In the wake of oxycontin. As the DEA celebrated a win for shutting the so called oxycontin express. For those unfamiliar with what the oxycontin express is, it was the route extending thru states like Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia, West Virginia, Virginia, The Carolinas, and least not last Florida. With the interstate corridors running thru those states. Pain mills filled Florida and surrounding states in the south. Addict's would drive from doctor to doctor. After they spend all the money they could possibly spend they would drive back their home state and sell them for a higher mark up. As Florida stated cracking down so did surrounding states. As a matter of fact Kentucky was one of the first states that implicated a system to start tracking patients on their prescriptions. This move along with oxycontin being a tamper proof medicine. caused the prices of pain pills to sky rocket. each year as they became scarce the was so expensive that addicts did what any addict would do. they found a substitute for their fix. which lead to hereon creeping into the suburbs and hitting big cities smaller cities alike. Then came along fentanyl and car fentanyl came into the picture. As overdoes are at a all time high, so is drug laced fentanyl. Perk 30s are being pressed to like actual medicine, and with ods spiked thru the states so does the possibilities of other illicit drugs being pressed with fentanyl. which causes a huge problem. Along with the possibilities of cannabis that is not regulated being contaminated with fentanyl cause huge concern for our residents lets come together to get Kentucky into a legal marijuana market either medical or rec.

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