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Cannabis in my life

Hello my name is Ethan. Since my teen years I have been interested in cannabis. It wasn't till I was older that I realize that cannabis is NOT a DRUG. IN fact it actually is MEDICINE. But it seem to some people that is no more than an illegal substance until 1996. IN 1996 CALIFORNIA became the first state to legalize cannabis for medical use forever changing the united states. Over the years more and more states started to join. AS states get closer and closer my home state seems to be lacking what it needs to go legal. I would like to have Kentucky to stand up lets make to change to better our beloved state. Cannabis being real important in my life. I have struggled with addiction, pain , stress, adhd, and cannabis can be the answer. I have personally watched medical cannabis help with these conditions better than pharmaceuticals designed for it. I also have a love for what hemp can do for our planet, help replace tress, make rope, paper the list is endless. Come on Kentucky lets change that.

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